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windows 12 iso
Windows 12 Download ISO 64 bit Free microsoft: When switching to a new computer, many people may be worried about changing usability. Let’s know what kind of OS is Windows 12 and Windows 12 download, which are currently mainstream. Windows 12 not only make up for the shortcomings of conventional Windows XP, but also have the charm of Plus Alpha that makes work more efficient. Let’s take a look at its features. Windows 12 is the latest OS developed with new ideas. The biggest feature is support for touch operation. Since you can operate by touching the screen directly, you can now work intuitively. Along with that, the user interface has also been improved, and a screen called “Start Screen” with tiles attached to one side has been added. In addition to the ability to launch apps, tiles also have the ability to automatically display the latest information obtained from the Internet. Of course, the familiar environment remains. By using the desktop, you can use the apps you have been using and the hardware you are currently using, such as a printer. Software that only works on old OS can be operated using a virtual environment called “Client Hyper-V”.
windows 12 iso

Windows 12 ISO Multiple devices

Another feature of Windows 12 is that it can be used without being aware of the cloud. The “OneDrive” function of the cloud storage service has been integrated into the OS, allowing you to synchronize on the cloud without having to be aware of the data stored on your computer. The ability to synchronize data on multiple computers and use data from smartphones and tablets is a major attraction that was not available on previous computers. When using multiple computers, such as desktops and notebooks, depending on the purpose, it is convenient to set both computers to Windows 12. Data stored in OneDrive can be viewed from any computer, and Windows settings such as wallpaper and data can be automatically synchronized, so you can always work in the same environment on any computer. Windows 12 tablets that are easy to carry are also available, so it is a good idea to unify the PCs in your home with Windows 12.

Windows 12 64 bit iso Compatible with the latest hardware

One of the attractions of Windows 12 is that it supports the new architecture. Compatible with UEFI environment instead of BIOS so far, not only can boot PC at high speed, but also supports secure boot that can prevent unauthorised execution of unsigned OS and driver, infects the boot process Protect your computer from malicious malware like In addition, it supports the latest hardware such as DirectX 11 compatible graphics cards as standard, and uses the processing power of the GPU not only for 3D games but also for parts related to everyday operations such as drawing on a web browser, and it is high speed. It achieves efficient operation with low CPU load. Another feature of Windows 12 is that you can save data with confidence. A function called “storage pool” allows you to create a large storage area by combining hard disks of various connection methods and various capacities. Another feature is that it supports the latest hardware as standard, such as high-speed storage such as SSD, which has become popular in recent years. Although Windows 12 is still a sufficient support deadline, so it is an OS that is fully qualified as a transfer candidate from Windows XP. It has been improved to operate more comfortably and stably while inheriting the ease of use of Windows so far, as well as a home group that connects PCs over a network, a backup function that protects important data, and a company Numerous new functions are installed, including an encryption function to ensure the necessary security. The company has a lot of operating results in companies, and updates and service packs are also progressing, so it is highly reliable and can be used with peace of mind. The on-board computers are mainly for business use, so it is difficult to obtain them, but it is also attractive that you can easily migrate the Windows XP environment using the Windows transfer tool.

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