Mobile phones are not allowed to return in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan banned the exchange or return to the sellers of subscriber cellular communication devices. Changes have been made to the law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, reports . Changes to the law made April 2, 2019. The rule on prohibition of exchange or return is specified in Article 30 “Obligations of the seller (manufacturer) in the sale of goods of both proper and inadequate quality.”

Mobile phones background. Pile of different modern smartphones.

It refers to the fact that the seller (manufacturer) is obliged to ensure the exchange or return of a non-food product of good quality, if it was not used, its presentation, consumer properties, seals, labels, as well as a document confirming the purchase of the goods, within fourteen calendar days, if a longer period is not established by the contract, from the date of purchase of the goods.

Exchange or return of the goods

“If the document confirming the purchase of the goods has been lost or not given to the consumer for any reason, then the exchange or return of the goods must be made if the consumer proves the fact of purchase from this seller (manufacturer),” the law says.

But mobile phones are on the list of exceptions. They can not be exchanged or returned, according to the new version of the law. Also prohibited is the exchange or return of medicines and medical devices, underwear, hosiery, animals and plants, and handicrafts.

It is also worth adding that according to the law, if a consumer discovers defects in a product and demands it to replace it, the seller (manufacturer) is obliged to replace it immediately, and if necessary, additional verification (examination) of the goods quality by the seller (manufacturer) – within thirty calendar days the time of submission of the relevant requirement.Goods of inadequate quality must be replaced by a new similar product, that is, a product that was not in use. If the seller (manufacturer), at the time of filing the claim, does not have the goods necessary for the replacement, the replacement must be carried out within ten calendar days from the date of filing such a claim.

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