Microsoft Office free to use for every windows user

microsoft office

The official Microsoft Office Home and Student Kit now costs 6,699 rubles. However, buying is not the only way to get the right programs. Here are ways to use them for free.

Microsoft Office

In the browser on any PC, you can use familiar Microsoft services without any subscriptions and payment. For this there is a complete set of online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other programs. They fully support the usual formatting of documents and include the basic tools, but with some exceptions. For example, Word Online has no Word Art panel, equations, and diagrams, and Excel Online cannot work with custom macros. And nevertheless, the web version is quite suitable for opening, viewing and editing Microsoft Office files. Only a Microsoft account is required.

Install MS Office applications

In addition to online services, mobile versions of MS Office programs are distributed free of charge. On smartphones with large displays, you can easily view and edit documents, and in the case of tablets, even type texts and work with voluminous tables. Free distribution is relevant for all devices based on Android and iOS, with the exception of the iPad Pro. Their owners need to subscribe to Office 365 to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

MS Office 365

Cloud Office 365 for home, which includes premium versions of Office applications for six people, is distributed by subscription. A year of use costs 4,399 rubles, but before buying, you can try out the service for free for a whole month.

MS Office 365

During the test period, not only the latest versions of all programs will be provided, but also 1 TB of space in the OneDrive cloud storage and 60 free minutes for calls to Skype. The only condition is the need to specify the details of the card from which at the end of the month payment will be charged.T

MS Office 365 ProPlus

After the trial period expires, you can request 30 days of free use of Office 365 Professional Pro Plus from Office 365. It allows you to create up to 25 user accounts and can be integrated with local e-mail and collaboration solutions. You will be required to fill out a special form and wait for an answer.

MS Office when you buy a PC

Get the official Office programs for home or a subscription for a year of using Office 365 is quite possible when buying a laptop or tablet on Windows. Such promotions are often found in large networks of computer equipment and consumer electronics.

MS Office

Accordingly, if you were just going to buy a new laptop, you should familiarize yourself with the available offers and find out where Office is already included in the kit.

Office 365 for students

A special Office 365 package, designed for educational institutions, is provided for students and teachers. You can use it completely free of charge if the school is registered on the Microsoft website.

As part of the free tariff, the main programs are available in the web version. The familiar desktop Word, Excel and PowerPoint can only be obtained for a fee. But it is possible that your school provides special conditions for purchasing Office 365 at a reduced cost. This point must be clarified in the educational institution.

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