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There are two approaches. Those who start music through MAO software and the composer who come to computer-assisted music while they are already experienced. That’s why there are two main ways to use music software: compose directly in your software, directly with VST instruments and build your arrangement as you go. And those who elaborate their music on their instrument and / or on score and who seek to realize their production in house.
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Composing directly with his software and his VST sounds has the advantage of making music that sounds great. The composition and the programming is done according to the sounds and the result is optimized. The disadvantage of this method is the risk of leaving without knowing where you go and experience sound in the sound experience, reach something hollow and not thought enough. Typically, when arranging one track after another, it is rare to go back because the harmony could be better. This makes music where the melody is locked on sequences of fixed agreements, often repetitive, as robotized by computers. Composing and developing your music before opening your MAO software allows you to record mature and well optimized music. It is also a method that gives a lot of frustration because your sound bank does not necessarily produce the piece you have imagined. We can have beautiful compositions that do not sound really good in MAO and are at a disadvantage compared to producers who compose directly on their VST. What is the ideal music production method? A bit of both. Develop your own upstream music by knowing the possibilities of your MAO software and having the flexibility to modify your composition during the arrangement to optimize the rendering of virtual instruments.

How to record my first musical creation

mp3 song download software works on the same principle. It all starts with the choice of the tempo, in bpm (number of beats per minute). Then we choose, either an external instrument, like your guitar, connected by your sound card, that we will record on an audio track, a virtual instrument that you record on a midi track. you can also gets mp3 download from here It is necessary to quickly acquire two habits: to open the editor of track and to correct the setting in place rhythmic by the quantification. Then refine the velocity, ie the level of each note to restore the phrasing and the nuances of an instrument. Do not confuse the velocity that corresponds to a musician who plays more or less loud and the volume that corresponds to an amp that goes up or down the level without changing the timbre of the instrument. A classic mistake is to increase the velocity to mount an instrument in the mix, which changes its tone, while the volume must adjust. For quantification, the beginner will correct 100% and the professional will choose advanced settings to preserve a more human game. We build his arrangement, sometimes his orchestration, maintaining a balanced balance. It is useful to record this scale before attacking the mix because it happens that one gets lost and that your self-production skidding. The technique is always at the service of your musical creation. Therefore, the mastering must arrive late, only when your mix is ​​successful. Too much mastering can raise the reverb, change your mixing balance and make you lose the soul of your music. Mastering should only represent the 10% finishing after 90% mixing.

Do I need effects?

Fantastic results can be achieved with very few tools. The equalizers, limiters, compressors, reverbs , that’s all. If they are good, that’s fine. Some producers use a lot of effects, either it is related to their style, or it is counterproductive because too many drugs are too many side effects. On the other hand, having good virtual instruments and mastering the controllers, keyswitches, hot-keys, it is fundamental for the pointed realizations like the orchestration in MAO or the electro music of quality. It is difficult to know all of his bank because it easily represents tens of thousands of instruments. It must quickly make your favorites and know them well. In reality, we never have enough sounds because the music evolves permanently. It is necessary to inform oneself constantly and to plan its budget of update. also check more here: One last tip: knowing how to play a little piano is an advantage because everything passes through your master keyboard. Knowing the chords on the keyboard , even if you’re not a pianist, will make a huge difference.

The evolution of the musician of MAO

At first, the whole universe revolves around software. It’s your center of interest. Then we progress, we bump into the mix, complex virtual instruments, advanced functions. And then, one day or another, we realize that it is only a tool and that music can be learned . The user manual of a software is seen in three months for the base and one year for the advanced functions. Composing well is a multi-year apprenticeship. We can master a software, we never master the music, it is still under construction.  for more you can visit;

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