Google Stadia streaming games compete with PC, PlayStation and Xbox

Google Stadia
Google Stadia streaming games compete with PC, PlayStation and Xbox: The next trend in the world of video games seems to be streaming. Many companies have already tried, including big names like Nvidia and Sony, but for a few months now this idea has been sounding even stronger, and now it’s Google’s turn to join google stadia download.
Google Stadia
The Internet search giant has presented, during GDC 2019, its Google Stadia platform, which will offer video games through streaming on “any device with access to Google Chrome, and others.” After the announcement by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and part of the board of directors of Alphabet Inc (parent company of Google), it was Phil Harrison’s turn to take the stage, a heavyweight in the video game industry that He has held management positions at both Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment. The hiring of Harrison by Google already announced that the company was serious about the world of video games, and today we have seen the result.

Google stadia access to video games of any kind

Google Stadia offers, according to Google, access to video games of any kind, including the most modern Triple A with the best graphics and the fastest response time, on almost any device. This includes any computer, smartphone or tablet with access to the Chrome browser, access through some applications and also through some specific devices such as Google Chromecast. All the process load is executed in the Google servers, so the player only needs a device to receive the image and play. At the end of 2018 Google began a test phase in development that could be accessed by a limited group of people, allowing them to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey through streaming, and the results seem to have been favorable. However, millions of people accessing the platform at the same time with Internet connections of different speeds is the biggest challenge facing the company. One of the biggest difficulties for a service like this, a ” Netflix of video games “, is that the user has a stable and fast enough connection to not only receive game data, but also send them. Unlike Netflix, the service where the most we do is pause a movie or advance a few seconds, in Stadia constantly execute action commands such as move, shoot or react instantly in a fight in a fight or shooting game. Google promises to offer 60 fps through Stadia, 4K resolution and even HDR, but we’ll have to wait for its launch to see how well it works. The company has also announced its own control with access to Google Assistante and WiFi connection to connect directly are the servers of Google (which reduces latency).

Google Stadia Release date in US UK

GoogleStadia will be available sometime this year, starting in the United States, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom. Your business model is still a mystery, which means that it is unknown if it will be based on a subscription and, more importantly, how much it will cost. Google Stadia also offers some really interesting features, such as the ability to access a game immediately without downloading anything directly from a trailer on YouTube, or from the live game of one of your favorite streamers. It is also possible to share save files so that another can start the game at that same point and, again, without downloading anything. The possibilities of something like that are huge for the industry. As for the games, for now only the arrival of games like Doom Eternal and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is confirmed , although more games should join the platform before its release. In addition, Google has created its own video game development studio to create its own exclusive titles. Download google stadia for mobile.

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