Sell on Craigslist Using PayPal Method

Craigslist and PayPal were made for each other. Craigslist is an online advertising website that started in 1995 and has developed more than 1 billion pageview traffic per month, compared to 2004, according to CNN. PayPal, an online payment service, went public in 1999 and market value until 2002. Consumers accept craigslist as an alternative to online auctions; They recognize PayPal as an alternative to checks, wire transfers, and credit cards. Using PayPal is easy to sell on craigslist. Open San Diego Craigslist in your browser and click the “Send to ads” link in the upper left corner of the page. On the next page, click “for sale” under the text “What kind of shipment is this”. On the next page, select the category that best describes what you’re selling. On the next page, select the area closest to where you live.

Products Needed for selling on craigslist

First is necessary to have PAYPAL account and E-MAIL account. Type a title for your ad in the “Ad Title” box. Use the words you expect a recipient to use when searching for your product. Add “Paypal” to the header to attract buyers who want to use PayPal to make payments. Type your request price in the “Price” box and your city or neighborhood in the “Specific Location” box. These are optional fields. If you fill them out, craigslist adds to the description that buyers see in the search results. Type your mail address in the “Reply” box. Select the option to “hide” or “anonymize” your email address, depending on how you want recipients to contact you. If you “hide” your email address, remember to provide a number where interested recipients can call or send you a message. If you “anonymize” your email address, recipients can contact you via email, but they won’t see what your email address is. Type a description of your item in the “Shipping description” box. Tell buyers that you will accept PayPal payments for the product you sell. If you’d like to add images to your ad, click the “Add / Edit Image” button. Upload the photos you want to appear in the ad. Click on “Browse” and select an image file from your computer. Click “Open” to upload the file. Repeat this step to add up to three images. Click “Continue” when you’re done adding images. Check the email account you used to place your listing. San Diego Craigslist sends an email message with a link to your ad to the email address you used to place the ad. When you receive the message, click the link to run the ad. Wait for a recipient to contact you and close the agreement.

Craigslist most popular online platforms for selling

Ask your recipient for the email address and tell him that you will send him an invoice for the product. Tell him to pay with PayPal when he gets the bill. Go to PayPal and log in to your account. Click the “My Account” tab and the “Request Money” button. Type the recipient’s e-mail address in the “Recipient’s e-mail address” field. Type the purchase amount in the “amount” box and select “goods” under “Request payment.” Click the “Continue” button. Review the information on the next page and verify that it is correct. If desired, write a personal message to the recipient. Click the “Request Money” button. PayPal will notify you by email when the buyer pays your bill. After receiving the payment, deliver the item to the buyer.
Fees and Fees: Using craigslist Chicago il to sell furniture online is free. You must enter into agreements with the buyer to receive the products in person. Craigslist is a local market, so there is no option to submit via the site. If you choose to send your items, you will have to coordinate with the buyer and make all shipping arrangements and make the costs yourself. What You Need to Know:  Craigslist Chicago il is one of the most popular online platforms for selling almost anything. Therefore, potential buyers will already look for the types of products you want to sell. Since Craigslist is a search engine, make sure you write good descriptions and use good keywords. Do high-level research for each piece of used furniture you plan to sell online. Compare prices of similar items across multiple platforms. Be honest with yourself about any flaws that will lower the price. Imagine how much you would pay for this product if you were a buyer, not a seller. Use this as a starting point for your entry price. Often, sellers tend to price products too high on craigslist Chicago il because of their perceived value. You need to be honest to succeed when it comes time to sell used furniture online. When sorting your item, do not miss the truth or draw attention to possible problems. Sooner or later, the buyer will learn and jeopardize your transaction. If you plan to sell more used furniture in the future, it can also cause bad reviews.

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