MAke money online with the help of internet

BLOGGING / WEBSITE MAINTENANCE – FOR BIG MONEY When you are not satisfied with penny earnings and you want tangible financial support, you can seriously start creating a blog or a thematic site. At first, you will have to work hard: think over usability, design, fill with content and promote your own project. As soon as the website traffic reaches the optimal figures for your earnings, you can relax a little. But this does not mean at all that you can completely forget about him and postpone further progress indefinitely. He will have to devote at least 2 hours a day. Your efforts will be appreciated by search engines and will put the site in its rightful place in the search results. From this point on, we can talk about a permanent income. If you even have no idea how to design a website in general terms, we recommend that you turn to the WordPress platform. This free engine will help you quickly go through the domain registration, the necessary settings and declare your site on the global network. After going through the standard procedure, you can upload fresh articles to the web service. Are you having difficulties and just not sure if you can handle it yourself? Please contact. We will teach you how to make a website so that it is convenient to work with it, and the search engines perceived it as friendly. What you will learn, what will you learn when interacting with us: specifics of working with the WordPress engine; how to choose a site direction, domain, hosting; in what order to make payments; where is the administrative panel and how to use it; why strict additions and extensions are necessary to improve the efficiency of the website; collection of the semantic core, methods, options, techniques for writing texts and their publication. And this is just a small part of the information about how the WordPress platform works. Additionally! We will hold the paid part of the webinar, where we will reveal some secrets regarding the creation and promotion of sites. You will not find this information on any online site. We will provide a lot of new and useful information. So, your site is up and running, but you still can’t make a lot of money. Don’t rush things. To get the first income, you have to wait. In most cases, even several months. During this time, search engines will appreciate the activity of the site, the correctness of its design, the chosen development strategy and will highlight you a worthy niche in the global space. There will be money, but you need to wait a bit. How to make your website / blog generate income and work at full capacity? Consider the ways and options. Resource promotion through the introduction of contextual advertising . Yandex.Direct and Google Adsense are responsible for this . As soon as they are launched on the site, ads will come to your site. Its theme will suit the specifics of the project or the interests of ordinary visitors. Beautiful, bright, flashing ads are the most effective way to attract attention and tell all users about the site. The main thing! Contextual advertising analyzes the behavior of a specific user and “throws” a video of the required format. As soon as the visitor clicks on the ad, you are charged. We talked about where to make money on the Internet . Now we will describe a way how to turn a website into a “goose that lays the golden eggs”. A proven and effective way to monetize is placing advertising banners. These are a kind of pictures or cartoons that attract the audience with unusual graphics, recognizable color or logo. Banners unobtrusively complement the information available on the web service and help it develop. Participation in affiliate programs similar to the specifics of your resource will increase its profitability. You can monetize your web service in other, no less effective ways. We will tell you more about this in the online lesson. Remember that installing a site through the WordPress site, you will have to invest a small amount. For a month you will pay (approximately) 120 +80 rubles for using the hosting and domain. Now the most exciting question is, how much revenue does the website generate? In fact, the amount of profit is determined by your personal activity and desire to make money. Choose the right thematic cluster, fill the project only with interesting, useful information. Then its attendance will increase significantly. Let your resource not gain momentum immediately, but only after 9-12 months. This is the norm. Don’t give up. Then you will consistently receive income from 10,000 (minimum) to 2-3 million rubles.

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