Lung Cancer (Mesothelioma) symptoms?


It is a malignant tumor of the pleura. It is called mesothelioma commercial. It is the name given to lung cancer caused by long-term exposure to substances called asbestos and erionite, which are known by popular names such as white soil, barren soil, lake soil, deep hole, scourge or ceren soil. So what are the symptoms of Lung Cancer (Mesothelioma)? Turkey’s seen at least 500 people a year. The reason for this frequency can be attributed to the fact that asbestos is found in many regions of Anatolia and used by our people unconsciously. Asbestos is used for whitewashing houses in villages or as a substitute for powder in young children. In some regions, babies are surrounded by heated asbestos, known as the scourge. This causes infants to develop mesothelioma commercial and respiratory disorders.


Effect of industries on Mesothelioma

Many patients do not have any exposure to asbestos or erionite. A familial predisposition has been reported. Asbestos exposure is also observed in various occupations (brake pads, thermal insulation, installation industry …). After the use of asbestos in the industry was prohibited, a significant reduction in the disease was observed. It is interesting to note that certain symptoms and signs of mesothelioma may occur within 20 to 50 years after exposure to asbestos.

Complaints: The most common complaints of lung cancer are pain and progressive dyspnea. Fatigue, anemia, cough, bloody sputum can be seen. In general, fluid accumulation in the lung cavity causes shortness of breath, cough and chest pain. If cancer has spread through the lung membrane and spread to other parts of the body, swallowing difficulty, neck, and swelling of the face is seen.

Results: There is no specific examination for lung cancer. Findings detected in all kinds of lung diseases are seen; a decrease in respiratory movements on the patient’s lung side and a decrease in respiratory sounds on the patient’s side.

What should be done for the diagnosis?

If there is suspicion of mesothelioma commercial in the history and chest X-ray and tomography of the lung membrane thickening or fluid detected in cases where more advanced methods should be examined. Although typical findings can be detected on lung x-ray and tomography, the method of definitive diagnosis is lung biopsy. First, samples are collected from the fluid accumulated in the lung and sent to pathology for examination. If the diagnosis cannot be made with the result, a biopsy of the membrane is performed. A biopsy can be performed by needle or by surgical method. Advanced tests (PET-CT, ultrasonography, MRI) are also performed to investigate the spread of cancer.

Mesothelioma commercial is a disease that does not respond well to medication or radiation treatment and leads to death in a short time when it is not recognized early and appropriate surgical intervention cannot be applied. Unfortunately, since the disease develops insidiously over the years and begins to show symptoms late, the disease usually goes to very advanced stages when diagnosed.


There is a chance of surgical treatment in very early-stage patients. There are various surgical techniques ranging from complete removal of the diaphragm and heart membrane to the lung to that side, to the peeling of the lung membranes alone, or to remove only the tumor portion in a confined space.

Chemoradiotherapy is applied in patients who are not suitable for surgery, in patients with recurrent tumors after surgery or in patients with tumor spread. In patients who cannot tolerate this treatment, only supportive therapies to reduce shortness of breath and pain (evacuating thoracentesis/chest tube insertion/pleurodesis for fluid frequently collected in the lung) are applied. However, as with any disease, the primary objective is prevention, and early diagnosis and treatment.

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