Degree symbol on keyboard shortcut

The problem is that the keyboard is not equipped with such a key that would allow you to just put a degree like this. But there are special key combinations for this: “Alt + 0178” – with its help you can write the second degree (²); “Alt + 0179” – using this combination, you can write the third degree (³). However, not everything is so simple, there are nuances.
Degree symbol on keyboard

How to write a degree on the keyboard using codes

  1. Before using the above combinations, you should make sure that the language is set to English .
2) Then you need to activate the digital panel by pressing ” Num Lock “. This panel is also called a small numeric keypad. On a full-size 104-key keyboard, the small keyboard is on the right side of a separate panel. There it is enough to press the “Num Lock” key once. On a laptop, due to its compact size, the numeric keypad is usually located on the main keyboard. To activate it, most often you need to hold down the auxiliary key ” Fn ” and press “Num Lock”. 3) Place the cursor at the place of the text where you want to insert the degree. 4) While holding down the “Alt” key, alternately type the numbers on the small keyboard, for example, 0, 1, 7, 8. Having released “Alt”, we will immediately see the degree 2 (“squared”) on the screen. Also, holding “Alt”, you can sequentially press the numbers 0, 1, 7, 9 on the small numeric keypad. Releasing “Alt”, we get the 3rd degree symbol (“in a cube”).

Mistake while writing Degree symbol

A common mistake when entering a power of a number. Holding “Alt”, you can, in theory, dial the numbers 0, 1, 7, 8 or 0, 1, 7, 9 using the number keys that are on the main keyboard in its top row. But the degree 2 or 3 as a result of the combination of such keys, alas, will NOT appear. It is necessary to dial the code 0178 only using the keys of the small numeric keypad. Although, it would seem, what can be the difference between numbers on a regular keyboard and on a small numeric keypad? Nevertheless – they are different, and how. 5) Then you can turn off the numeric pad by pressing “Num Lock”. On a laptop, as a rule, you need to hold down “Fn”, then press “Num Lock” and the panel will be turned off. This method for entering powers of a number works in most standard text editors, such as Word and Notepad.

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